11 Days, 11 Nights: Fantasy Becomes Reality

時間: 89分:27秒間 視聴回数: 1 388 473 公開: 1 year ago ユーザ:
解説: Within eleven days Michael was due to marry Helen his fiance, but a chance meeting with a total stranger (gorgeous Jessica Moore) threatens to destroy all his plans. Whilst traveling to work, Michael’s gaze is met by a vision of beauty. Her stare penetrates him and unable to turn away, Michael becomes intoxicated by the vision as she slowly unbuttons her coat to reveal that underneath she is totally naked. He stares in disbelief as she demands that he makes love to her right there.:Driven by lust, Michael can only obey as they both become locked in a devouring passion totally oblivious to the people around them. Unbeknown to Michael, the beautiful stranger is a writer who’s about to finish her new book ‘Sarah And Her One Hundred Men’. Michael is about to become her one hundredth conquest… This is just the beginning of a torrid physical relationship in this sensual erotic drama from Italian maestro Joe D’Amato
ジャンル: Vintage Retro Classic Softcore
モデル: David Brandon