Hot Body Video Magazine: Pajama Playtime


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解説: Covergirl extraordinaire, Veronika Zemanova amply demonstrates why she's one of the most sought after adult models in the world.Our Special Features focus on �life of the party�, Mary Carey and sultry Spicy Latina covergirl, Nissa. 4 New Discoveries: KK, Brie, Ginger and Rane all viefor your attention and your vote. Plus, last edition's Discovery winner is unveiled. The pride of Kurgan, Siberia, Natalie is our passionate Foreign Feature.You're in for an eyeful of fun, games, hijinks and our trademark bevy of beautiful, uninhibited, naked babes as Hot Body makes the most of Pajama Playtime
ジャンル: 赤毛 ラテン
モデル: Antoinette